Risk Assessment, Internal Control Review,
Spot check and other consulting services for our clients.

Consulting Services

Our Consulting involves management consulting wherein OB’s work with clients to provide certain form of consulting service deem necessary by clients to improve clients’ processes and or solve client’s problem. And this ranges from providing quality risk assessments, appropriate internal control measures, quality financial system setup and audit review and compliance, proper monitoring and evaluation and adequate project management.
We have verse experience conducting these kinds of reviews and do the best to ensure management satisfaction. Our go to approach is to meet with client and discuss need and then provide advice that will improve their system. We provide a systematic review approach and come out with risk rating that give our client an understanding of where they are as it relate to risk factor.  And this is done based on our risk assessment approach/review.

In furtherance to this, and based on client acceptance, we then conduct a quarterly internal control review to determine as to whether existing control put into place is efficient and effective.

This is then followed by a spot check wherein; we test some transactions based on our knowledge of client account areas and business activities to ensure money is spent appropriately for the right cause in respect to client approved budget.


Forensic Accounting Investigation

Forensic situation default on a case by case basis, as a result, we normally assess the situation and create a methodology framework that work best for  our clients. Based on our thorough investigative framework methodology, we navigate efficiently and effectively across industries. Our cooperative team has wide variety of backgrounds, industry experiences, and certifications, including accountants, CPAs, CFEs, data analysts, and IT professionals.

Our team provide litigation support to fraud cases as deem necessary where required. We also conduct a forensic audit and investigation base on our agreed upon procedure and measures.