Audit Services

Your audit engagement is a crucial part of your business. OB provides you with high-quality, tailored services that increase efficiency and ensure compliance with the highest standards. We combine industry expertise, functional specialization, and technology to drive continual improvement.

Financial Audit

Our primary purpose here is to perform service that will provide advice and technical assistance that will enable a client to conduct its business more effectively.

We provide financial review and compilation as well as investigate area of interest for our client. Our report provide client understanding of their financial position and better picture of their financial record. We provide verifiable information and confirm to the concerned parties the reliability of the other parties involved.

Our audit process is to evaluate the accounting entries present in the financial statement of the company and developed solutions in collaboration with management.


Financial System Review

Our team performs audit procedures under the financial system review engagements in respect of any information relating to your company’s or other economic entity’s activity.

Follow-up Audits

After an operational audit, company will implement any necessary changes. They may then set a determined time to conduct a follow-up audit to evaluate the changes’ effectiveness.

Operational Audit

Our operational audit is a great way to get an inside look into your business operations and how they are performing. You can improve sales figures, reduce operational costs and become more competitive. Our process entails the following.

  • Gain understanding of existing procedures through observation, by discussions with staff, or review of documentation
  • Identify existing internal and accounting controls applicable to the area being audited
  • Establish the scope of the audit based on information obtained and risk assessment
  • Review applicable policies and/or procedures

Our operational audit is gear toward method of examining how an organization conducts business. It requires analyzing the processes, procedures and systems used within the company. This type of audit looks beyond the organization’s financial circumstances and examines its management practices. During our process of operational audit, we sought to find areas in need of improvement.

We examine the business processes and procedures within a company. This type of audit may overlap with other types of audits, such as: 1. Department audits: Different departments within a company use different processes and procedures related to their goals or responsibilities. An audit can assess those processes and find ways to provide better improvement where need be. Some company may have an internal audit function that may not have the knowledge and necessary experience, so they might want to hire an external specialist to get the job done, thus said, we are the go-to team that can help you solve the problem.

If a company discovers or suspects an error or security breach has occurred, they will consider conducting an investigative audit and, in this regards, our team can work with management to determine the cause. As part of this audit, we may assess the processes performed by an employee or department. Our team may make suggestions to improve those processes or related procedures to ensure the issue does not occur in the future.