OB Consultants is an accounting practice, management consultant firm that works and partners with businesses to provide desirable results. Our focus is to ensure good, satisfactory, and timely service is provided to our clients. We dedicate and pay key attention to our clients reporting needs.

As part of our practice, we provide consulting, audit, tax, bookkeeping, payroll and IT solutions service to clients. We partner and work alongside other firms and implement jobs effectively and satisfactory where require. We envisage that you’ll not get tied up in your accounting and Advisory service work and welcome you to leverage our service and let us do the work for you. Contact us today. 

The firm is managed by a dedicated management consultant with good experience in internal control, fraud risk assessment, financial consulting and IT solutions with more than 17 years of experience providing services to public and private institutions.  

Grab Interest

OB offer accounting and advisory services. We provide timely and value-added services to clients. Our primary goal as a trusted advisor is to provide insightful advice to enable clients to make informed financial decision.  We provide accounting and advisory service to our clients, in order to minimize the financial exposure of our clients. 

General Excitement

At OB, we provide our clients value added service. Each client receives close personal and professional attention. The company high standard, service and specialized staffs provide a competitive advantage. We at OB ensure that every client is serve by the expertise of the entire firm. We work will client through all step of the service being provide and provide satisfactory result.

Close the Deal

OB provides timely and value-added services. Our goal is to provide accounting and advisory service to our clients, individual and businesses in order to minimize the financial exposure of our clients. OB provides peace of mind for clients – ensuring they are legally using their financial resources in the most productive manner possible. The firm works to make the complex understandable. OB’s acts in an advisory role for clients that enables them to better influence and optimize their personal and/or corporation wealth.

How We Got Started

OB started when a client reached out for a financial system review job which was time sensitive and needed so as to provide a clear way for the release of their second funding for a particular project which they needed so dearly. We got the work done on time and satisfactory to the client.